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APPROACH: It seems that this quarantine period will continue for a period of one or two more months. The Quito School of Biblical Studies exists to prepare ministers in the areas of: evangelism, Bible study, spiritual formation and pastoral counseling. Part of this preparation has always included practical ministry, through which the student helps the church and community.

What a more important time to serve the church and those who seek God than at this time of world crisis! The Minister of Health, Juan Zevallos, together with the medical associations have said that "two thirds of the world's population will probably be infected with covid-19" (El Comercio, April 2). Within this unsettling reality, people are searching for answers, family problems are being exacerbated by everyone being at home, and many are contemplating the end of their lives.

The EQEB wants to try to continue offering spiritual direction, although it has to be done remotely. Therefore, we are structuring a virtual service, using the Zoom platform. To begin with, we will staff for three hours each day, between the hours of 18:00 - 21:00. If you are an EQEB student, graduate, or graduate wife, we invite you to register by clicking on the form in the last paragraph. We need both brothers and sisters because we would like to fill at least five virtual classrooms dedicated to the following areas: 1) pastoral counseling 2) “Among Us” women's room 3) Bible study / evangelism 4) prayer.

It works like this: People click on the URL that we will be sending through social networks and the web. Upon entering the EQEB Chapel they will listen to Christian music in the background, and will be attended by a sister receptionist to explain the function, offer the help service and direct the person to a minister, who is previously introduced. The person who agrees will have an average of thirty minutes with the minister, because there will be several interested parties waiting.

We will hold an informational meeting this Sunday, April 5 at 5:00 p.m. at the following address of Zoom. (Please do not click in the link, until the date and time indicated.)

If you want to be part of the EQEB Chapel ministry, please fill out the form and sign up. Recuerda este es un compromiso con Dios más que todo. Si vas a faltar un tiempo asignado o tienes complicaciones con el Internet, avise prontamente en el grupo WhatsApp (enlace al lado).

May God use this tool and you brothers.


Dr. Joshua K Marcum

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  2. Amados hermanos; creo que es una buena alternativa en este tiempo caótico que el mundo esta viviendo y hay mucha necesidad espiritual con la incertidumbre de esta juicio de Dios sobre el mundo, creo que es el mejor tiempo para predicar ya que las personas están mas receptivas, estoy muy gustoso de poder servir en la obre de nuestro Padre Celestial.

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