Our Mission

To form and prepare followers of Jesus Christ, equipped for telling His good news to the people of Latin America. The QSOBS endeavors to impart to its students a comprehensive knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, as well as strategies and opportunity to put this knowledge into practice in their own lives and those to whom they minister.

Our History

The Quito School of Biblical Studies had its beginning in October 1990, when the first group of missionaries formed Operation Ecuador and began The Academy of Bible on Shyris ave in the north section of the city of Quito. This Academy served as a tool to disciple new members of the church as well as continue to evangelize other interested in the Gospel message.

As the years passed, the functions of this Institute multiplied. The Academy of the Bible decided to expand its services and include students from all over Ecuador and Latin America. In 1997 the first students from Mexico and Venezuela were accepted, and with the expansion of these services, the Academy of the Bible grew to a full-time Bible institute and adopting its current name: Escuela Quiteña de Estudios Bíblicos (Quito School of Biblical Studies, EQEB). This change to a full-time status necessitated that EQEB also begin offering scholarships to those students who left home and careers to dedicate fully to their ministerial training.

In those first five years EQEB was blessed to have the alliance with “Sunset International Bible Institute” in Lubbock, Texas. This partnership continues to this day, but EQEB is now sponsored and supervised by the elders of the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo, Colorado, in the United States. This Church has been one of the prominent founders of the work in Quito, from 1989 to date.

EQEB does not pretend to be a “school of preachers,” but rather an educational center that prepares men and women for the service of God in their countries of origin or wherever He takes them. The EQEB invites missionaries-students to come to Quito and prepare themselves to use their God-given gifts for His kingdom purposes.

In 2015, EQEB integrated a technical-skills preparation to augment its theological and ministerial curriculum. The reason for such an initiative was to adecuately prepare the minister to serve the church with or without support. Few churches in Latin America can fully support their minister, therefore this initiative allows evangelists to give of their services until the church becomes self-sustaining. Miseo Dei


These men and women are the special people who make this work possible. They invest in each student showing Christ in their lives and ministry in their own service. Their time and experience enrich in every way the teaching they give from the classroom.

Joshua Marcum


Joshua Kent Marcum (B.S. Psychology, MDiv, DMin) is happily married to Julie Marcum. Both are second generation missionaries and together they are raising their four beautiful children: Michaela, Eliana, Jana, and Enoch, in a similar cross-cultural context. After completing graduate school, they moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia where they planted a church along with a team of 4 other families during the years 2006-2010. Since 2011, they have lived in Quito where they joined the work of Operation Ecuador, began by Joshua´s parents, Kent and Sharla Marcum, in 1989. Joshua serves as director of the Quito School of Biblical Studies, and beyond this administrative role, he loves to teach and facilitate the development of missionary teams in South America. The Marcum family is grateful and honored to participate in the great vision that God has for Ecuador and Latin America as a whole.

Oswaldo Albarracín


Edgar Yungán

Academic Dean

Edgar is married to Verónica Germania Toaquiza, together they have four children: Jonathan, Josías, Daira and Danelly. He was part of the first class that graduated from the EQEB as International School. He has received a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from SIBI, a BA in Pastoral Theology from SEMISUD, an MA in Bible and Theology from Lee University / Semisud, and is currently finishing another Master's Degree in Practical Theology from RIB as well as a Technological degree in Theology and Family Assistance at the ISTER-Instituto Superior Tecnológico Rumiñahui in Ecuador.  

Edgar was part of the first QSOBS missionary-team in Portoviejo, Ecuador. He has been a deacon of the Colon Church of Christ, and currently serves this congregation as Evangelist. From 2003 to the present he has taught as professor of theology and Academic Dean at the Quito School of Biblical Studies. Edgar believes fervently in the wholistic education of the Lord's church in every place. (Ephesians 4.12).   

Jhon Cuarán

Dean of Students

Professor Jhon Cuarán has always felt that urge to be involved in building community both in the church and with those outside. The endeavor to serve others, led him to pursue a BA in health sciences as an alternative medicine. Later, motivated by his Christian roots, he continued to prepare himself in ministry. In 2007 he graduated from EQEB with a Certificate in Biblical Studies and in 2012 a BA in Theology. He is currently pursuing an MA in Practical Theology and a BA in Educational Sciences. He has 25 years of experience serving in youth leadership, evangelism, and teaching ministries. He has been married for twenty years to his wife Laura; together they two young-adult daughters. 

Graciela Castañeda

Teacher to

Lourdes Molina

Coordinator of the Women’s Program

Lourdes teaches and coordinates of the Women's Program at EQEB from which she also earned a BA in Theology. She is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, married to Oswaldo Albarracin and believes she is "Chosen to make a difference.”

Ricardo Pinedo

University Minister House Campus El Puente

José L. Miranda

Virtual School Administrator www.eqeb.org

Administrative staff

Sadia Terán


Wellington Gordon


Karina Romero


Carlos Maleza


Jorge Cabrera

Delivery courier

Edison Pillajo


Odila Albuja

Kitchen / Cleaning

Rosa Ramirez

Kitchen / Cleaning

Aura Chafuel

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Edgar Valdiviezo


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