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Mission - Portoviejo

Misión - Equipo Portoviejo - Módulo superior derecho

Portoviejo - Church

ProfileThe mission in Portoviejo, a coastal city of over 300,000 inhabitants, was one of the first established. In 2000, the church "Southwest Chruch of Christ" in Pueblo Colorado, decided to sponsor this first effort EQEB. He is currently serving as a missionary and brother Jimmy Alvarez Second Loyola concluded his tour of duty. Jimmy continues in the same spirit preparing new local leaders to do someday the baton of leadership. This mission has its own building and is heavily involved in meeting the needs of the poor and the spiritual education of their members. Glory to God for the way that is taking this work to the maturity and self-reliance.

Street Address: Av. Jorge Santana Washington Street. Shoping walk behind.
Phone: 052931523
Portoviejo - Ecuador

Online Courses

Online Courses


The On-line program is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. The entire program is free and in Spanish. All for the glory of God and His son Jesus!