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Mission - Sucre Bolivia

Misiones - Equipo Sucre Bolivia - Módulo superior derecho

Mission Sucre - Bolivia

This mission was opened in November 2006. A team of three families and two singles preach the gospel to this colonial city. Sucre is the political capital of Bolivia, and has about 350,000 inhabitants and five universities. The work in Sucre has attracted many college students. The church uses several creative contact with people who are looking for Jesus methods. Saturday, one can see a 15 brothers and 15 other city doing "kickboxing" in a public park. Also, every day they open their Christian Coffee named "The Road" to give Bible studies and provide a place of Christian fellowship.

This time the team has the following families: Cabreras, Iskenderians and single Angela Mayers.


Online Courses

Online Courses


The On-line program is divided into three modules: basic, intermediate and advanced. The entire program is free and in Spanish. All for the glory of God and His son Jesus!